I‘m Kelsey, or 혜리 (hyeri).

I’m currently a psychotherapist-in-training, writer, and creative based in Baltimore. Born in Seoul, South Korea, I’m a bilingual 1.5-generation immigrant and queer woman. I graduated with a B.A. in International Studies & East Asian Studies from Johns Hopkins University in 2019.

The pursuit of collective liberation, healing, and human connection guides my work. Meaningful communication, both interpersonal and written, is my superpower — it’s led me to find the most joy when I’m cultivating spaces for people to grow and using the art of writing to understand the world around me. As a former educator, my experiences in the classroom have deepened my commitment to direct impact work and approaching life through a restorative and trauma-informed lens.

I’m also a musician and classically-trained violinist and have dabbled in guitar, theater, singing, and music arrangement over the years.

This is where I’ll hold space for my writing, thinking, dreaming, and all the things in-between. Stay awhile!